Fact: Bucknell Copyright Policy

It is important to know your rights and responsibilities on Bucknell’s campus. Please see below for Bucknell’s Copyright Policy as you connect to Bucknell’s networks and live on campus!

The unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material, including through peer-to-peer file sharing, may subject you to criminal and civil penalties.  Peer to peer file sharing technology is not, itself, illegal; however, what you share and how you share it may violate copyright law.  Both uploading and downloading files can pose issues under the law.  Therefore, please be careful and do your research when obtaining copyrighted material.  Sites that are copyright compliant include iTunes and subscriptions services such as Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu.

If you do violate copyright laws, which can easily happen when you use peer-to-peer file sharing, the university is notified by the lawyers from the copyright holders.  When that happens, I will contact you with the details of the violation.  At that point, if you do not delete the content and stop the illegal file sharing, you face action [which can include loss of network access on campus and charges being filed].”

Civil penalties for copyright violations range from $750 to $150,000 per work infringed.  Additionally, a court, in its discretion, can also assess costs and attorneys’ fees.  Criminal prosecution of students for file sharing is extremely rare; however, federal law sets forth criminal penalties for intentional copyright infringement.

The unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material, including through peer-to-peer file sharing, is also a violation of Bucknell’s Acceptable Use Policy,   http://www.bucknell.edu/aup

“Do not violate copyright laws. This includes using Bucknell computing facilities and resources to receive, retransmit, duplicate, destroy, or tamper with software or data, whether stored or transmitted, unless authorized by copyright, license, university policy, and all other applicable laws. Examples of protected materials include written material, sound files, pictures, photos, animations, and software not originally created by you.”

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