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Can I succeed at Bucknell? Is my background adequate? Will I be able to compete successfully?

The fact that you have been accepted for admission to Bucknell means that the University believes you are qualified to succeed in your work here. In fact, an unusually high percentage of our entering students complete their degrees within four years (87 percent). If you feel as if you need support, you can seek out advice from a number of resources available on campus.

The rest will be up to you. Have you established good study habits? Can you concentrate on what you are doing in the midst of other people doing other things? Can you budget your time to cover study and recreation, sleep and relaxation? Are you seeking help to support your success? A strong key to success is your interest in the subject you are studying and your seriousness of purpose.

You will find it important not to get behind in your daily and weekly work. If you do not understand something which has been presented in your textbook or in class, you should seek out your instructor and ask for help at once. If things begin to pile up, the associate/assistant dean of your college will help you reorganize your study plan or obtain special help.

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