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Is there help available for students who want to improve their writing?

The staff of the Writing Center will help you plan, compose and revise your writing. The Center is staffed by full-time professionals, along with peer tutors trained to work with writers. In a typical session, writers read their drafts out loud and discuss ideas with tutors. Tutors don’t write your paper for you; rather, they provide feedback on the clarity of your draft, ask useful questions that will help you revise, and identify areas of your writing that might need further explanation or development.

In addition, the Writing Center offers numerous workshops for students each semester. Topics for these workshops include writing internship and graduate school application essays, writing resumes and cover letters, and writing honors theses. Bucknell faculty often bring their classes to the Writing Center for workshops, as well; these workshops address topics including writing as a process, peer response and oral communication.

Students are welcome to visit the Writing Center at any stage of their writing process. Students are also welcome to make appointments to discuss study skills, time management and “writer’s block.” Sometimes just taking the time to address these common issues with an experienced staff member helps students generate useful strategies to improve their study and writing habits.

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