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What about graduate work?

Bucknell offers graduate work leading to a master’s degree in many disciplines: animal behavior, biology, chemistry, education, engineering (chemical, civil, electrical, environmental and mechanical), English, mathematics and psychology. The presence of graduate students enriches our undergraduate programs. In general, graduate study is recommended for those students of high ability who plan to become specialists or intend to go into teaching or research.

At Bucknell, well-qualified students in several disciplines may integrate their undergraduate and graduate studies, beginning in their junior or senior year. This integrated program results in better preparation for advanced graduate courses and a longer period of time for the thesis project. For some students this may reduce the time necessary to complete all requirements for both degrees. Presently the departments of biology, chemistry, mathematics, chemical, civil, electrical, environmental and mechanical engineering offer this combined BS/MS degree program.

For further information you may contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 570.577.3655.

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