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When will I learn about which classes I will be taking for the fall semester? What happens if I want to change a course I was assigned?

Your classes will be available in myBucknell during the second week of August.

You will be permitted to make changes to your schedule if you have AP scores or transfer credit that already provide you credit for the course in which you were placed. Please contact the Registrar’s office at 570.577.1201.

You will also be permitted to change if you have a disability that will interfere with your success with this schedule. Please contact the OAR office at 570.577.1188.

Coaches will work with students’ academic schedules, so there is no need to change schedules due to athletic concerns.

If there is a different reason for your desire to change classes, you may talk with your adviser during orientation and can work together to make the change prior to the start of classes.

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